Tuesday, 12 June 2018

Stress & Dental Health- A Major Concern For Everyone!

Stress affects the general body’s immune system and a significant cause of teeth grinding and clenching.

Studies and statistics show that dentists and periodontists have managed to reduce dental issues like tooth decay by 75%. In addition, the reduction in gingivitis and periodontitis have been 80% combated through modern treatments and the precautions to prevent them.

The modern dental solutions such as oral treatments, cosmetic dentistry, and dental implants have surpassed the basic dental care practices by providing excellent and specialized dental treatments to individuals.

Currently, stress-induced dental issues are rising as a challenge in dentistry and dental experts confirm that stress can affect various oral structures including the gums and the teeth in various ways.

Majorly, stress impacts the body’s immunity by increasing the secretion of the endogenous steroids from the suprarenal glands that produce the macrophages by making them lazy and incapable of defending the body and eliminating foreign bodies like bacteria. With this, gingivitis and periodontitis are more likely to occur without expressing the common signs like bleeding and swelling.

Stressed individuals also have higher chances of developing rampant decay (tooth decay), most especially women.


Stress & Teeth grinding plus Clinching

On a sad note, a large percentage of grinders and clinchers are unaware that they grind or clench their teeth because this mainly happens while they are asleep though in some cases, this may happen during the day.

Dental experts at the best dental clinic in Ludhiana confirm that clinchers and grinders have 10 to 20 fold increase in the number of masticatory forces and due to grinding and clenching, this increases the upper and the lower teeth contact compared to a stress-free individual.

As a result, spasm, tenderness, fatigue of the muscles of mastication, the muscles of the neck and the face, which leads to frequent headaches most especially in the morning.

Damage to the temporomandibular joint (TMJ) will occur and the extent varies from one individual to another.



Treatment to stress-induced dental problems differ from one patient to another, but possible treatments include physical therapy, muscle relaxers, occlusal night guards and adjustments, temporomandibular joint surgery among others.

Thursday, 14 September 2017

Key to have an attractive smile

It's everyone’s wish to have a beautiful smile. But are you having it? If your answer is no. Then what is the reason behind it? You hesitate while smiling just because of cavities. The cavity is the common problem in all age groups. You just not able to smile properly but you also have to face many difficulties while eating different stuff. You may feel pain in your tooth or blood can also be seen while eating some hard things. If you are having cavities in your mouth then you must go for its treatment. If you delay your treatment then dentist have to pull your tooth out of your mouth. Ludhiana Dental Centre is the best place for cavities treatment. There are a lot of dental clinics in Ludhiana but Ludhiana Dental center is the best dental clinic in Ludhiana.

Watch the following video if you want to know about the latest dental techniques

Friday, 11 August 2017

Can Every Indian Afford Dental Implants? What’s the Solution

My friend’s story led many in shock after she jumped off a speeding scooter. This so happened after she got a lift from a stranger the fact that she was trying to reach her home as fast as she could. Of course you are right to say that why did she get a lift from a total stranger, but there is a local saying that goes “you never hear the bells once it’s your final hour”

At last, she jumped off the scooter leaving her badly wounded with no teeth in the front upper jaw. After body treatment, she had to consult a periodontologist about the possible way forward.

The doctor assured her that dental implants would be the best option, but the damaged teeth had to first be removed. She needed at least two dental implants.

The two teeth (dental implants) would cost her more than 2000 rupees without including any other cost like medications, anesthesia, the doctor’s fee, transport charges, and so on.

She had to get the dental implants as soon as possible since she couldn’t chew or bite properly, her beautiful smile was all gone, and she couldn’t handle the half teeth anymore 

Money was collected from outside sources and she got the treatment done, but I wondered, what about the many Indians who can’t afford the dental implants in Ludhiana

Well, good news happens to be that India is planning on manufacturing its own dental implants to cut on the rate of dental implants that are imported into the country. This is promising, especially to the low earners who require the treatment

Listen to the reviews of one of our patients through this video

Monday, 22 May 2017

Show a one million dollar smile each time you walk out

Quite many of us only put extra effort and cost during major occasions like marriages, official parties, and get-togethers. For a wedding, you will see a bride or a groom walk into cosmetic saloons and dental clinics to correct the imperfections. This shouldn’t be the case anymore. You can fully have the best smile and teeth whenever you walk out at a less cost from the best dental clinic in Ludhiana. Some of the procedures to improve your teeth and smile include; 

Teeth whitening or bleaching- Office teeth whitening is a quick and effective method where a laser is used to remove discoloration and stains from the teeth. The treatment provides a great experience whenever you smile 

Jawline modification- the latest dentistry technology cultivated an effective treatment (jawline modification) that is aimed at giving you a perfect smile. This treatment is acquired most especially for wedding ceremonies. 

Permanent or temporary veneers and crowns- This treatment is one of the traditional ways of improving one’s teeth. 

Dental implants- the procedure will help you get a perfect replacement for the damaged or lost teeth to complete your set of teeth.  

Braces- also known as orthodontic, the procedure is for straightening crooked teeth
Cosmetic dental procedures are commonly used today to solve different issues with teeth. With the technology advancement, these services are no longer expensive and are safe. Cosmetic dentistry is also an at most solution for dental problems that can’t be solved. 

Anyone from you want to know more details about the Root Canal Treatment then Watch this video: 


Ludhiana Dental Centre is the best option that you have if anyone form you want to get the low priced treatment with successful results. Here are some results of our clinic:

Saturday, 6 May 2017

The Remarkable Job Of Dental Implants

Dentistry is a field that is aimed at improving patient’s teeth (health) and appearance. When these two are done, their lives become better and happier. The immense advances in dentistry have facilitated the use of dental implants for ages. Dental implants are older means of replacing the lost or missing tooth or teeth. The technology today has helped many get dental implants that match their dental formula. Dental implants are made from a compatible element that can never harm the gums and the bone.

Before a dental procedure at the Dental Implant Centre in India, the dentist examines you to determine whether there is an adequate bone for a successful procedure. If not, there will be bone grafting and the dental implants are perfectly fitted to function like your normal teeth. Dental Implants can be acquired for health issues or cosmetic reasons. They are safe and provide long-term benefits.

The only constraint that a patient would face while trying to get dental implants is the cost. The best quality implants are expensive and when the whole treatment cost is added up, the costs rise.

You can look into these images that show the quality work performed by well reputed Dr. Bikramjit Singh Dhillon only at Ludhiana Dental Centre. You can also cure your dental problems with our centre.

When you need replacements for a time being until you have acquired money for dental implants, partial dentures can be used. With the current technology, denture metal clasps are made unseen with the specialized attachments and at the end; they are comfortable for a patient.

Before fixing the dentures, the dentist examines your teeth and if there is any infection or cavities, they are treated after which dentures are fixed     

Go through the video, if you want to get the information about our centre and services. We provide the treatment at must lower cost with 100% quality. 

Monday, 24 April 2017

Dental Implants – The Key to Make Your Smile Perfect

Do you hide your smile just because of your missing teeth? Do you wear dentures that are not comfortable or can be slipped easily? Are your concerned about your teeth to keep them intact or worried about your missing tooth?

From many years, the available dental options for the missing teeth were dentures and bridges. But nowadays, dental implants have become one of the trendiest choices among people. Also, according to the American Academy of Implant Dentistry, more than five million dental implants in each year are done by the dentists in the US.

In the case of dental implants, the replacement of the root of one or more teeth is done. The implants that are made of titanium (strong and lightweight) and also of other materials that can be accepted by your body are inserted into the jawbone through the surgical process with the aim to support removable or fixed teeth so that it can match your natural teeth.

There are two types of implants available in the market i.e. full or mini but full implants are recommended by the experts as the full implant has the benefit of having the same shape and the root as the natural teeth.

Some benefits of Dental Implants
  • They really offer a firm support to man-made teeth. The set of teeth or single tooth will be attached to the implant that will not slip/shift in your mouth while talking, eating etc.
  • Dental Implants in Punjab make the man-made teeth more natural and comfortable by providing high security.
  • Implants can last a lifetime and they are high durability and or good value.
  • The implants can help the jawbone from shrinking, where the teeth are missing or need to be replaced.

Thursday, 6 April 2017

Dental Care Treatments in India

India 3rd world largest country in the world according to population and power. Inda has developed itself in every field from doctorate to aviation everyone wants to hire an Indian. In India we have so many doctors some are ortho, some are in Cosmetology and rest are in Dental. Dental is the one fast growing line because now all people who are health conscious will give regular checkup about their dental. People who want to maintain their beauty There are so many dentists in India who love to take care of your beautiful and healthy smile. If you are looking to have different kinds of dental treatments with advanced technology then there is only one centre left in India which is "Ludhiana Dental Centre". This dental care centre is situated in Ludhiana, Punjab, India. Get any kind of advanced treatment like laser gum surgery in very affordable in India.