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Who Wants A Robot To Correct Their Teeth Rather Than A Dentist?

Robots have taken over human force and are a real part of the workforce. Robots can be seen working in warehouses, they are in weapons detecting factories; many of us have robots in our workplaces and also the day to day lives. But, will you go to your dentist, if you see him replaced by a robot? I wouldn’t. Job specification: Let’s assume, in case your family doctor gets replaced by a robot, what job specifications will be assigned to him. Since a dentist, first and foremost, examines diagnoses and treats diseases, injuries or malformations of mouth (gums and teeth). The dentist also treats diseases of nerves, connective tissues, which affect our basic hygiene (oral hygiene); will a robot be able to do all this and more? Will Robots, actually be replacing dentist? According to sources, the medical field is also left alone for using Robots in aiding everyone. There are contractions, many say doctors/dentists have been replaced by them, others say no, it is not true.
Where should you get …

Stress & Dental Health- A Major Concern For Everyone!

Stress affects the general body’s immune system and a significant cause of teeth grinding and clenching.

Studies and statistics show that dentists and periodontists have managed to reduce dental issues like tooth decay by 75%. In addition, the reduction in gingivitis and periodontitis have been 80% combated through modern treatments and the precautions to prevent them.

The modern dental solutions such as oral treatments, cosmetic dentistry, and dental implants have surpassed the basic dental care practices by providing excellent and specialized dental treatments to individuals.

Currently, stress-induced dental issues are rising as a challenge in dentistry and dental experts confirm that stress can affect various oral structures including the gums and the teeth in various ways.

Majorly, stress impacts the body’s immunity by increasing the secretion of the endogenous steroids from the suprarenal glands that produce the macrophages by making them lazy and incapable of defending the body and…

Key to have an attractive smile

It's everyone’s wish to have a beautiful smile. But are you having it? If your answer is no. Then what is the reason behind it? You hesitate while smiling just because of cavities. The cavity is the common problem in all age groups. You just not able to smile properly but you also have to face many difficulties while eating different stuff. You may feel pain in your tooth or blood can also be seen while eating some hard things. If you are having cavities in your mouth then you must go for its treatment. If you delay your treatment then dentist have to pull your tooth out of your mouth. Ludhiana Dental Centre is the best place for cavities treatment. There are a lot of dental clinics in Ludhiana but Ludhiana Dental center is the best dental clinic in Ludhiana.
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Can Every Indian Afford Dental Implants? What’s the Solution

My friend’s story led many in shock after she jumped off a speeding scooter. This so happened after she got a lift from a stranger the fact that she was trying to reach her home as fast as she could. Of course you are right to say that why did she get a lift from a total stranger, but there is a local saying that goes “you never hear the bells once it’s your final hour”

At last, she jumped off the scooter leaving her badly wounded with no teeth in the front upper jaw. After body treatment, she had to consult a periodontologist about the possible way forward.

The doctor assured her that dental implants would be the best option, but the damaged teeth had to first be removed. She needed at least two dental implants.

The two teeth (dental implants) would cost her more than 2000 rupees without including any other cost like medications, anesthesia, the doctor’s fee, transport charges, and so on.

She had to get the dental implants as soon as possible since she couldn’t chew or bite properly, …

Show a one million dollar smile each time you walk out