Why Did Your Teeth Change Color?

Here some important thing to know about getting a brighter smile.

Around 40 % of people suffering from cavity problem and yellow teeth problem. So regular brushing is the perfect way to keep your teeth bright, healthier and stronger. If you are looking for the brighter smile then it is important to have white teeth. In India, the most of the people do maximum efforts to achieve the brighter teeth. Use some teeth whitening products.  What are the reasons behind the change of teeth color?

Food and drink

The first reason is food and drinks that play an important role to change your teeth color. Coffee, tea, and red wine are some major staining reasons. Most people don’t take brush at night that’s why they face cavity problem and face health problem. So if you want white teeth to take proper care of your teeth.

Tobacco use

In India 40 % of people having the bad habit of alcohol such as cigarette smoking and tobacco use.  In tobacco two main chemicals affects the teeth very vastly. First is tar and second are nicotine. Tar is naturally dark and nicotine is colorless and then it turns to yellowish and then effects to your teeth.


Age plays an important role in increasing yellow teeth because most of the aged people not properly take care of their teeth.


If you are taking many medicines then it is also a cause of change in color of your teeth. Medicines such as sugar medicines and high blood pressure medicines change your teeth color fastly.

Here are some major causes of yellow teeth. now if you facing the yellow teeth problem and want to get the best solution then you can contact to our center. We give you best Teeth Whitening Treatment in Punjab.


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