Dental Implants – The Key to Make Your Smile Perfect

Do you hide your smile just because of your missing teeth? Do you wear dentures that are not comfortable or can be slipped easily? Are your concerned about your teeth to keep them intact or worried about your missing tooth?

From many years, the available dental options for the missing teeth were dentures and bridges. But nowadays, dental implants have become one of the trendiest choices among people. Also, according to the American Academy of Implant Dentistry, more than five million dental implants in each year are done by the dentists in the US.

In the case of dental implants, the replacement of the root of one or more teeth is done. The implants that are made of titanium (strong and lightweight) and also of other materials that can be accepted by your body are inserted into the jawbone through the surgical process with the aim to support removable or fixed teeth so that it can match your natural teeth.

There are two types of implants available in the market i.e. full or mini but full implants are recommended by the experts as the full implant has the benefit of having the same shape and the root as the natural teeth.

Some benefits of Dental Implants
  • They really offer a firm support to man-made teeth. The set of teeth or single tooth will be attached to the implant that will not slip/shift in your mouth while talking, eating etc.
  • Dental Implants in Punjab make the man-made teeth more natural and comfortable by providing high security.
  • Implants can last a lifetime and they are high durability and or good value.
  • The implants can help the jawbone from shrinking, where the teeth are missing or need to be replaced.


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