Can Every Indian Afford Dental Implants? What’s the Solution

My friend’s story led many in shock after she jumped off a speeding scooter. This so happened after she got a lift from a stranger the fact that she was trying to reach her home as fast as she could. Of course you are right to say that why did she get a lift from a total stranger, but there is a local saying that goes “you never hear the bells once it’s your final hour”

At last, she jumped off the scooter leaving her badly wounded with no teeth in the front upper jaw. After body treatment, she had to consult a periodontologist about the possible way forward.

The doctor assured her that dental implants would be the best option, but the damaged teeth had to first be removed. She needed at least two dental implants.

The two teeth (dental implants) would cost her more than 2000 rupees without including any other cost like medications, anesthesia, the doctor’s fee, transport charges, and so on.

She had to get the dental implants as soon as possible since she couldn’t chew or bite properly, her beautiful smile was all gone, and she couldn’t handle the half teeth anymore 

Money was collected from outside sources and she got the treatment done, but I wondered, what about the many Indians who can’t afford the dental implants in Ludhiana

Well, good news happens to be that India is planning on manufacturing its own dental implants to cut on the rate of dental implants that are imported into the country. This is promising, especially to the low earners who require the treatment

Listen to the reviews of one of our patients through this video


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