5 Causes of the Dental Cavities

The main reason behind the tooth cavity is the tooth decay. This can affect dentin as well as enamel. Go through the following five causes of the dental cavities:

Poor oral health

For the good dental health, there is the need of the regular brushing and the flossing. The best dentist in Punjab would recommend it for twice a day. The cavities happen because of lactic acid created by bacteria which will damage the tooth enamel.

Poor diet

The diet full of starch and sugar will lead to the bacteria. It will be more fun to them if you will consume more sweets.

Fluoride deficiency

The fluoride greatly helps in fighting against the bacteria and hence protecting the tooth from decay. It helps in toughening the enamel of the tooth and making it robust against acid. 

Alcohol consumption

Alcohol is very much accountable to the dental cavities.


Everyone is aware of the fact that smoking is not good for health but it is also not good for dental health.


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