Try this treatment to avoid hectic cement and fillings

With the new developments in dentistry, you can now forego cement and fillings that can even reduce the strength of your teeth and gums. In the current days, any person with gaps and problems in the teeth may use cement and fillings to avoid further infections.

There is a new treatment increases the capacity of our teeth to fight and be repaired from all cavities. In the treatment, stem cells are activated to produce new dentine which is able to protect your teeth from large cavities.

The normal fillings and cement are exposed to infections which require you to visit the dentist more times to re-fill them since the minerals and compositions of your teeth are reduced.

Tideglusib is one of the molecules that has been clinically tested and used to stimulate stem cells in our teeth to replace the fillings and cement. This molecule is able to treat neurological problems that are common in people. The required mineral amount is recovered through this treatment and there is increased protection of the teeth and gums. You can visit the best dental clinic in India for this treatment in order for you to enjoy your life.


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